Real Estate and Construction

Considered by Forbes as the best destination to live after the pandemic, there is a broad view that Portugal will remain attractive or eventually increase its attractiveness as a destination for international real estate investment.

Investment in real estate surpassed €26 Bn in 2019, more than doubling the €13 bn observed in 2015 and, in the same period, prices have doubled in some segments, especially in the residential market.Real estate and construction reaffirm their position as key economic drivers of the Portuguese economy, but also as key exports, with over €5 bn in projects carried out in key markets abroad.

Major migratory and tourism inflows are generating a momentum for real estate and construction opportunities. Unlike other countries, Portugal has not tightened rules on foreign ownership or increased property taxes; to the contrary but to the contrary but to the its Golden Visa program is one of the most attractive in the EU and has paved the way for lucrative opportunities ready to be tapped by international investors.