A hot market, and not only Lisbon As predicted by insightful industry players, real estate investment transactions continue to be buoyant in 2021, with €1.8 billion currently under negotiation and views to surpassing €2.8 billion recorded in 2020, Portugal's third ever highest volume. READ MORE On the road to carbon neutrality As a nation committed to climate action, Portugal is a trailblazer being one of the first countries worldwide to announce the ambitious goal of carbon neutrality by 2050 Newsweek:

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João Pedro Matos Fernandes, Minister of Energy and Climate Change, Portugal "We have no doubt that climate action and sustainable issues will be key on the upcoming Portuguese presidency of the European Union." READ THE INTERVIEW Sustainability and innovation underpin Portugal's well established textile industry Traditionally one of Portugal's most vibrant and outward-looking industries, the textile sector has put sustainability at the fore to stand out in this highly competitive, global industry A biotech boom spurs new growth in life-sciences Portugal has a rich and innovatie biotech ecosystem, adding value to the more established pharma sector Sustainability in the agri-food industry attracts ethical investments in the post-covid era Portugal carves its niche in the global marketplace for quality algricultural products thanks to privileged climate and ample water resources

Portugal 2021

“All the foreign direct investment intentions we had in our portfolio have reaffirmed their intention to invest. We’ve even had signs of interest from new companies to invest in Portugal”

António Costa, Prime Minister of Portugal

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Real Estate

Real estate continues to be buoyant despite the ongoing challenges of the pandemic, with notable interest from foreign investors and digital nomads.

Transport and Logistics

Key investments in infrastructure and new logistics platforms reinforce Portugal’s role as the natural gateway to Europe


Portugal’s agri-food cluster continues to undergo a vast transformation thanks to modern technologies and eco-efficient practices.

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